small business consulting

A22 Consulting is a certified small business consulting firm located in Fort Collins, Colorado. We take a managerial accounting approach to our consulting. We help business owners and company managers review the company's internal financial and non-financial information to help in making the best decisions for the company. With a focus on the future and long-term viability, we can assist in business planning and internal evaluation of the business, controls, and processes. Services include business plan consulting, business pricing and cost review, strategy, and marketing consulting services.

Aaron Appelt - Consultant

Before starting A22, Aaron spent 19 years working for a Fortune 500 tech company in a variety of roles and departments. Aaron's experience includes managerial accounting, price and cost analysis, supply chain, international and domestic logistics, forecast and budgeting, sales operations, and data analytics.

Aaron comes from a family of small business owners including his father, an aunt and several entrepreneurial uncles. Aaron worked at his aunt's screen printing business from age ten until he graduated from High School. Aaron loves being able to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming an entrepreneur. He is especially excited to be helping small business owners reach their goals.

Aaron lives in Fort Collins, Colorado with this Australian Cattle Dog Archer.